Bagicha Singh, The 81 year old man has travelled 5,70,000 km

From Last 23 years, Bagicha Singh (81 year old) quit his home and family to do something for his mother land. Singh is great follower of Bhagat Singh and wanted to owe his life and serve the nation. That is why the 81-year-old man traveling from Kanyakumari to Haryana by walking and has already completed 21 rounds all over India from 1992 to create awareness against corruption, Smoking & Alcohol in our country. He is unstoppable and till now covered an unbelievable distance of 5,70,000 km.

bagicha singh
He like to call himself as Samaj Sevak, wishes to eradicate social evil like alcohol, drugs, tobacco and intercourse with sex workers that he think are killing the younger generation and the society.
Bagicha Singh resident of Panipat, Haryana began his nonstop journey in February 22, 1993 from Jammu to Kanyakumari. He gave up studies after Class XII and decided to dedicate his life to the country. He carries a 90 kg backpack and two Indian flags on 18 feet long poles.

While speaking to TOI, he even shared some interesting snippets:
“On my way from Tezpur to Guwahati in Assam, I had to cross a forest… One has to carry dozens of bananas to cross the forest, as herds of elephants stop their human counterparts and don’t let them go unless they are given their ‘tax’. I carried six-kilo bananas and indulged the elephants. Not far ahead on this journey, I was surrounded by a group of Naga tribesmen. They demanded that I hand over all my belongings. That’s when the elephants came to my rescue! The biggest one of them ran towards the group. The men panicked and fled. The elephant then picked up my bag with its trunk and the whole herd walked with me. Once we reached the road, I was given my bag and the herd walked back in.”

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