An Ultimate Guide Of Hair Removal At Home

Hair removal is a tedious task to be done. But still if one wants to have a hair removal at home then proper care has to be taken. If we consider the proper hair removal then the best method with which it can be done is waxing. But having waxing in the home is very difficult. So some ladies do the hair removal with the help of hair removal cream and razor. These process can thicken your hair and can when they newly grow, they can even give an irritating experience. Thus, waxing is the best thing that one can do. But a lady enjoying the process of hair removal is seriously a myth. Whatever you may prefer, shave, wax or sugar, the process hurts.

Some Of The Tips That Can Help To Wax With Ease:

  • Relax And Make Sure That You Are Not Panic:

Yes, it cannot be denied that waxing is a painful process. But ultimately if you have ended up making your mind to do wax, the make sure that you are not panic. The circulation of the blood gets disturbed when one gets panicked. Relaxing the skin as well as the mind will get your hair removal at a very low cost.

  • Let Your Hair Grow:

Try to figure out whether your hair is grown to a good length or not. Small hairs are difficult to remove. In addition to that, it hurts a lot. Rather one must try to have hairs grown to a length with which waxing can be done with ease. If your hair is not long enough, then let your hair grow.

  • Apply The Wax In The Direction Of The Hair Growth:

Make sure that you are applying the wax in the direction of the hair growth. This is the very thing that is mistaken by most of the ladies out there. One must make sure that the wax has to be applied in the direction of the growth of the hair. Applying the same in the opposite direction can make the hair messed up and make it difficult to remove.

  • Remove The Wax In The Opposite Direction Of The Hair Growth:

The removal of the hair has to be done in the opposite direction of the growth of hair. If one does remove in the same direction of the hair growth, then all the hair will not be removed. Making the use of strips and pulling of the hair more than twice in the same area can irritate the skin a lot. So the right way to remove the hair is pulling off the strips in the opposite direction of the hair.

  • Make The Use Of Baby Powder:

Using baby powder is a nice idea to relax the skin. But the question is when? So it is a nice option to apply powder to the area before waxing and after waxing as well. Applying the powder after waxing relaxes your skin and if the same is done before waxing then it soothes the skin and prepares it for the hair removal. Baby powder is gentle on the skin as well. This can be a very good idea to remove the hair by waxing in less pain.

  • Never Make An Area Exposed To Wax More Than Two Times:

Exposing the area to the wax more than two times can cause redness, irritation as well as inflammation at times. This mostly happens when the hairs are too short for the remo0val but are removed. All the hairs cannot be removed in that case and what happens is we try to remove them by waxing most of the time in the same are. If in case you are unable to remove all the hairs then get a tweezer and remove them. The forcible stretching of the skin can cause pain and at times the pain is beyond the extent to which one can bear.

  • Don’t Wax Sensitive Skin:

Never try to wax in the sensitive areas at home. Waxing in the sensitive area can lead to various serious consequences. If you have a hairy area which is sensitive then the use of razor is more preferable. Making the use of razor you can easily remove the hair without stretching or pulling the skin causing pain.

  • Test The Temperature Before Having Wax:

One must test the temperature before waxing. This is so because hot wax can cause damage to your skin. Consequently, you will end up acquiring redness in the area giving a burning sensation. Thus, make sure that you are testing the temperature in a less sensitive area before applying the wax directly.

  • Exfoliate The Skin Before Wax:

Never forget to exfoliate the skin before having wax. Healthy skin is easy for hair removal. If there are some outgrowth then that may also hurt at times. Getting the skin exfoliated will remove all the dead skin cells from the area. This will relax the skin and prepare it for hair removal. The pulling off of the wax strips is less painful if the skin is exfoliated previously.

  • Moisturize And Nourish The Skin After Wax:

This is the most important step that has to be done post the hair removal. The completion of the waxing is not the end of the step rather one has to take care that the skin is moisturized after having the waxing. Make the use of the moisturizer that is gentle on your skin. In this way, you can ensure less pain after a wax. You will observe some redness on the skin after you have the waxing. You will also feel some discomfort on the skin but this can be healed by the use of the moisturizer. If not once the apply it twice to ensure that your skin is comfortable. Not only in the case of waxing, but the same has to be done after the hair removal with the razor.

These were some of the tips that might help in getting a perfect hair removal with less pain. Waxing with no pain is not at all possible but following all the above-mentioned tips can let you have a hair removal with comparatively less pain.


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