Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Movie Review

“Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” —and the old Bombay re-surfaces with Johnny Walker singing the truth about life in the metro. About happiness, money, muscle power and pick pockets. It was about a city then, now it is about people as they try to find a lake to quench their emotions in their existence.The borrowed title is similar with its largesse of relationship related emotions.

Ayan (Ranbir Kapoor) is Hindu and Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) is Muslim. They are students in London. They barhop, relate to 80’s cinema, have cheating partners and celebrate break-ups. They hit of instantly and in very new age Bollywood style, discuss feelings later. He falls for the outgoing Alizeh. He is a devotee. She loves her ex Ali (Fawad Khan). She thinks Ayan is a friend and his feeling stays on without progress and response.


Ayan has a story. His family wants him to study, he wants to sing. He has enough money for a private jet but all he wants to become is a singer. He grows up even as the movie matures within the set time. Ayan and Alizeh as characters meet, interact, tour the continent as true to Karan Johar traditions, it is Parisian cafe to Viennese nightclub. Fawad goes away and then comes back and marries Alizeh when the feelings are sorted.

He then meets Saba (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) at the airport lounge. She is ethereal, a shayar, married, divorced and looking for love. There is creativity and lust here. She teaches the futility of love and dwells on how just liking fulfills the relationship needs and is more important than love.

A Karan Johar film is like a Lakme Fashion week for the senses. Customized drop dead gorgeous people, fat bank balances way very inspirational and aspiration driven in nature for normal humans, unbelievable locations,  huge mansions referred to as homes, the songs, the shaadis, the breakups, the lehengas, the pooja ki thali, the mother and the want to run into the lovers arms feeling protected.


The film moves through years and shows how people meet, interact and part ways for destiny to get them back together in different space, time and situations. Ranbir Kapoor is an emotionally driven kid who is growing up reluctantly. He wants to be a singer than a business man, he wants Alizeh but is the suffering friend at her wedding. Alizeh gives him the hurt of unrequited love to get more “it factor” in his voice.

 KJo’s movies are messy cheesy love stories dripping romance. Even silence and cancer is used as punctuation in the film.

Here is the check list. Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan-Anushka Sharma-Fawad Khan, London, Paris and Vienna. Points granted and applaud time.

Cactii-loving Alizeh is spunky, Ash is the mature lover and Ranbir is the cinema idol. Fawad Khan does well in his small role of great controversy.

Why watch this movie, for Lisa Haydon, in Paris. Ranbir- a class act and shouldering the movie. He is like a flame that melts the maiden and he can also be the flame that burns itself in love and crumbles in hurt and ache. He crying is a global calamity. An interaction between the DJ and the singer was brilliant. Watch is for the awesomely directed first half. Ranbir was born to act. He is expressive, loves his work, lives his character and currently no actor can convey heart breaking confusion and breakups and dumping sessions like him. His gaze is passion in motion.

Anushka is superb. She owns up her place in the movie. Watch her shaadi rjasthani-style and sigh.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan glows, the mature goddess with irresistible beauty and confidence. She is the woman and the decider in the relation and she makes it amply clear.

Composer Pritam churns out and Arijit Singh like that snake charmer makes the feelings in the songs dance to his tunes.

 The basic premise is that humans meet and connect at some transcendental level and all other feelings like friendship, love, hate, sadness, lust etc are incidental and never a true and honest picture of reality. All this makes the Dil and Mushkil place to be in.

Watch Favorite song here


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