8 Foods that Will Freshen Your Breath Almost Instantly

Bad breath or halitosis is a much more frequent condition than we think, but it has a cause in most cases of easy solution. The lack of hygiene in the oral cavity, the shortage of saliva and the consequent dryness in the mouth are often the culprits of the smell of our mouth.

Consume coffee, alcohol, garlic or onions, as well as tobacco, “contribute” to having a stronger and more unpleasant breath. Some drugs cause decreased production of saliva and dry mouth, which is synonymous with bad breath. Diabetes, indigestion, and stress are other triggers of halitosis.

From the Institute of Breath, they point out that there are foods that worsen halitosis, such as those that have unpleasant odors that coincide with sulfur-rich foods (such as garlic, onions, all types of cabbages, eggs, and artichokes). And foods that activate metabolic processes that produce gastritis or reflux such as very fatty red meat, citrus or alcohol.

Bacterial overgrowth, plaque buildup, and food debris can cause bad breath in our mouths, even after brushing. This annoying condition, known as halitosis, causes us problems of self-esteem and social stress, especially when we are in contact with other people.

The most worrying thing is that we cannot always hide it with the use of mouthwashes and, unfortunately, it tends to reappear again and again. Fortunately, there are alternative foods to freshen your breath and reduce the proliferation of germs in your mouth naturally. It is also advisable to take the help of a dentist near me.

Here in the following, we are going to check out 8 foods that will freshen your breath almost instantly:

1. Parsley: Parsley is also a good remedy to kill bad breath. Boil two cups of water with several twigs and two whole cloves. Let the mixture stand and use it as a mouthwash twice a day.

It has oils that freshen your breath naturally.

2. Lemons: If you want to freshen up your breath in no time, you should suck half of lemon or add the juice to your simple water. The vitamin C present in this citrus helps eliminate the bad oral smell.

3. Mint: If it wasn’t great to end the bad smell, it wouldn’t be the main taste of toothpaste and gum. Eat it in salads or infusions and feel fresh and light.

This measure does not act on the origin of the problem but for a while masks the most unpleasant odors instantly.

4. Yogurt: Eating yogurt daily reduces the levels of hydrogen sulfide, a substance responsible for the bad smell of the mouth. Choose the natural version of this product and sugar-free.

5. Apples: This delicious fruit increases the production of saliva, which helps clean the mouth of bacteria.

6. Cinnamon: This special eliminates the bacteria that cause bad breath and leaves a pleasant aroma and taste in the mouth.

7. Apples: This crunchy fruit ups our saliva production and that helps to clean our mouth and offers a freshen breath.

8. Cinnamon: Cinnamon does not only help to freshen our breath but it also helps to get rid of oral bacteria.

Drinking water favors the secretion of saliva:

If we suffer from bad breath or gingivitis, we can do mouthwash with red sage. We have to mix two tablespoons of red sage with half a liter of gua, bring to a boil, let stand about twenty minutes and strain. Or prepare an infusion with a tablespoon of peppermint and a cup of water, boil ten minutes and drink after each meal. Nettle tea is also beneficial for eliminating bad breath.

Foods to avoid:

It also recommends avoiding foods that are very dry or fibrous and increase the consumption of raw salads. Or drink enough water to favor the secretion of saliva, the better we fight the harmful bacteria that inhabit our mouth. Chewing gum (without sugar) also favors salivation.

You can also consult your nearby dental clinic to take more guidance on this topic.

Bad breath in the mouth can have different underlying causes. Therefore, if it is a persistent problem, it is important to go take a dentist’s appointment. Now, if the smell has a mild cause, or is due to the consumption of certain foods, the above-mentioned foods can help neutralize it.


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