6 Things You Do When You Are Drunk

With a prevalence of alcohol distributors that sell affordable beer, wines, and spirits, it’s not hard to get what you need to have a good time. However, you can also get too intoxicated easily if you can’t control your drink.

In order to help discourage you from getting drunk and endangering you and your dignity, read this list of most common things that you will do when you are too wasted but won’t remember:

Dance Horribly in Front of a Crowd

Alcohol makes you forget that you can’t dance. In fact, it may make you dance awkwardly within people’s personal space with an uncontrollable amount of energy. When your brain cells finally start to give way, you will start trying to copy someone else’s move in a pitiful effort to try start a line dance… in a modern day club. Lastly, when all your energy runs out, you will try to make it to the couch, fail, and then pass out.

01_acrobatic skill

Showing off a Childhood Acrobatic Skill

It doesn’t matter what childhood acrobatic skill you have; be it doing a handstand, a front flip, a kip-up, etc. The chances are if you haven’t practiced doing any childhood skill recently, then you can’t do it while you’re drunk. But the alcohol gods might make you believe that you have been bestowed with drunkard powers and you can do anything. In a moment like this, one can only pray that you pull it off or, at least, don’t hurt yourself too much when you fail.

Impulsively Buy Stupid Things

Buying anything requires thought; thought you would not have when you are intoxicated out of your mind. So don’t be surprised to find a life sized model of Chewbacca delivered to your doorstep within a week of your wild night out.

02_Believe that You Can Sing

Believe that You Can Sing “Love On Top”

The song has five modulations; FIVE! Even in the first key, the chorus is hard to sing. But alcohol may make you believe that you are better than Queen Beyonce and make you scream the chorus with your highest voice. If and when this happens, then you better hope that you friends have sturdy ears and no cameras. Then again, all phones have cameras nowadays… Just avoid karaoke at all costs.

Chatting with Strangers in the Bathroom

There is a tendency for people to say the first thing that comes to mind when they are under the influence. This spells for disaster when an intoxicated person walks in a bathroom; he’ll talk to anyone and everyone. So imagine the awkwardness you’re your comment on the color of the underwear of the person in the next stall.

03_sleep anywhere

Sleep Anywhere

Nothing spells d.r.u.n.k. more than someone sleeping on the sidewalk; or on the bar; or on the stage; or on the street; or in a shopping cart; or on a toilet; or on top of another drunk person. Sadly, alcohol makes you sleepy and you can’t control where you pass out when you’ve had too much.

Key Takeaway

Taking too much alcohol is dangerous to you, your friends, your dignity, and your cow. With that in mind, cap off the alcohol intake once you know you’ve had too much. It’s not fun to see pictures of yourself puking on a stranger uploaded online.


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