The right pair of jeans can do wonders to your personality. They are a versatile piece of clothing which gives you comfort and style at the same time. Men prefer Stoneage jeans as they are one of the best jeans manufactured. They can be worn as casual wear and also formal wear.

Though, dark jeans look the best on all types of body but people prefer different colors. As all age gaps like different colors and shapes. They can be pulled off beautifully as work pants, and also for a party. They will make you look elegant and classy at any occasion and are very easy and quick to style and wear. Therefore, it is important to find the right pair of jeans to go with your body and style.

One pair of Stoneage jeans lasts a very long time. They are worth the price. However, it is very essential to keep them in the proper way if you want to use them for a longer period of time and the number one thing is to maintain its color. Jeans don’t cost little money but washing them again and again would fade the color before their time.

Sometimes it is seen that fading is good and they make most clothes look better than before. However, this does not apply to jeans; especially dark colored jeans. Black and dark blue tend to fade quickly when you wash them in a washing machine. This is because when detergent and water mix together they discolor your jeans by eroding the dye of your jeans.

Almost everyone has in some point of their lives; must have suffered from a heartbreak due to the changing color of their jeans. This decoloring would somewhere or the other be your own fault.

Therefore, here are some tips which will help you save from the trouble of your denim fading away. Nobody wants their best jeans retiring before their time. So, if you follow these steps you will definitely be able to use your favourite jeans for a good couple of years.


Washing jeans frequently is the number one reason that fades away the color of jeans. Most clothes do need to be washed after one use but when it comes to jeans, they don’t need to be put in the washing machine after one use. The fabric used in jens does not make you sweat and overall you don’t sweat much in your lower body which is why jeans don’t need a frequent wash. Jeans should be worn at least 5-6 times before they go into the wash. On average this should be done every once a month. Don’t always throw your jeans in the wash for little strains, rather rub them with household cleaners to get rid of small marks. Also it is preferred to wash them by hand rather than a machine wash. If you put it in the machine then wash them on low levels and switch the hand wash or gentle wash mode on.


This is a very crucial step. This needs to be practical everytime you put your jeans in the machine. The reason is detergents have strong chemicals which not only remove stains but also affects the color of clothing. The dye of jeans is so delicate that it will come into contact with the harsh soap and water mixture. To prevent fading wash your jeans inside out. 


It might sound better to wash your jeans on their own. But in reality this is not the right thing to do. Wait until you have other dark clothing so you can wash them all the time. This will help in maintaining the original dark color of the clothing. All the dyes of the dark colors will mix around in the wash, thus, it will cause less fading. Therefore, give company to your jeans in the rough and tough spin.


Available at any big stores, you will find the color preserving detergents. They are more gentle and contain less chemicals which fade away color. However, if you can’t find it then the safest option is to use vinegar for washing your jeans. Normal detergents do wash away stains but they cannot stop the dye from fading away as well. So, using vinegar will give a gentle wash to your jeans. The dye will not fade away but your jeans will have all its dirt removed.


Caring for your favourite pair of jeans is tricky yet easy. Once you have washed the jeans first, make sure you have not used a high heat setting. Opt for mild settings. The higher the heat of the dryer, the more easily your jeans will fade. When out of the dryer, hang your jeans in a place where direct sunlight cannot touch them. The heat will automatically fade your jeans even if the wash did not.

Overall it is very hard to ignore the fading of jeans. Eventually they will fail but your washing technique can slow down its wear and tear process.

Use mild detergents

Wash them once in a blue moon

Prefer cleaning stains than shoving them in the machine

Make sure you hang them away from direct sunlight after wash

These tips if followed; you will be able to give your jeans a good life.


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