5 Signs of a Perfect Boyfriend

  1. Respect & Care

It sounds melodramatic but when you partner respects you, he will always give importance to your viewpoints & opinion. He will be concerned about how your day went & if there’s any problem, you got his back.

Signs of Great Boyfriend


  1. Everlasting Love

When it comes to physical intimacy, it should be a mutually beautiful experience. He will give you time to understand your relationship and is ready to wait. He will not fake or follow a set of rules to love you by gifting you fancy & expensive gifts but a sweet message or poem to make you feel happy.

Signs of Great Boyfriend


  1. Accepts your Past

He will be OKAY if you meet or are on talking terms with your EX because he trusts you & that’s the best thing in any relationship. He will make sure to shower enough love on you so that you forget your past rather him getting insecure about it.

Signs of Great Boyfriend


  1. He gives you space

Nowadays, we are so close, thanks to the technology that sometimes it ruins your relationship. He will not call you 100 times just to check with whom you are partying or spy on you. He won’t get pissed if you choose a girly night out rather than meeting him on a weekend.

Signs of Great Boyfriend


  1. Inspiration

He always inspires you to become a better person in life. He will not get insecure if you do better things but will always motivate you to be the best. And even if you fall he will be always there to hold you. <3

Signs of Great Boyfriend

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