5 Fruits That Help to Improve Whiteness of Your Teeth

A beautiful sparkling smile not only wins over hearts, but it also helps in creating a positive and lasting first impression.

But for achieving that, apart from following a great oral hygiene routine, you also have to stick to healthy nutrition and some smart fruits that help to whiten and brighten your smile.

You are already aware of the fact that tea, coffee and red wine and some types of soda can darken the smile. But you should rejoice that there are some beneficial fruits which can actually brighten the smile as well.

These may not be as effective as the professional whitening treatment, but they are natural and side-effect free and hence completely safe. Naturally, you have more reasons to smile now.

Just take a look at the various fruits that have proven to be beneficial for the mouth and contribute towards whitening your teeth.

  • Strawberries – Though strawberries actually stain the shirts if you accidently drop it, but they can also work to whiten the teeth as they contain an enzyme known as the malic acid. You can mash up the strawberries and rub them on the teeth. After leaving for about 5 minutes, you can rinse with water and then brush and floss in the normal way. You can see the results for yourself once you continue with the practice for some time.
  • Apples – Though sweet fruits are said to be detrimental for the teeth, there are some exceptions and apples are said to be one of them. The action of eating the apples produces saliva in the mouth. This actually rinses away the food and bacteria and thus helps in keeping the teeth clean looking whiter. The gums are also stimulated by the fibrous texture of these fruits. Though it is not similar to brushing the teeth but eating apples can keep your teeth clean until you get a chance to brush. So for natural scrubbing and whiter teeth include apples in your lunch box every day.
  • Oranges – You should not throw the peels of oranges away. Unlike the other citrus fruits, the orange peels are not acidic in nature. The skin of this fruit consists of variants of vitamin C that can be a substitute for the artificial teeth whiteners that are quite harsh. For this, you need to thoroughly wash the peel off and then rub the inner whiter part across the enamel surface for fighting the build-up of tartar and minimise the plaque.
  • Pineapples – Pineapple is said to be the only fruit that is enriched with bromelain. It is nothing but a compound that comes with cleansing and the inflammatory properties. Bromelain is often an effective ingredient in the toothpastes that fight stains. Pineapples also ease digestion and suppress inflammation together with reducing cancer and so eat these fruits as frequently as possible.
  • Pears – Pears are healthy fruits that act as natural stain removers. They accomplish this by enhancing the production of saliva in the mouth. Thus, pears actually act as the natural cleaning agent of the mouth. The flesh of the delicious and sweet fruit assists in neutralising the acid in the mouth that gives rise to decay. So if you want to keep your teeth whitened, free of stains, opting for the pears is a great option. Moreover, it has a plethora of perks for your overall health as well. That is why, try to have pears every day.

The above are some of the fruits that help to whiten the teeth and keep them clean without any side-effects. However, these have mild whitening effects and if your teeth are heavily stained, it is advisable that you visit the best dental clinic and consult with a reputed dentist to restore your pearly whites.

There are a plethora of professional teeth whitening treatments available today that can help you to achieve the smile of your dreams in minimal time with very little after care and side-effects. You can try them today to smile confidently for years together and take the world in your stride.


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