3 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Renting an Apartment

Are you planning to rent out an apartment? Well, it’s a big deal you’re up to. To make this deal turn up lucrative here are a few things you should avoid.

Affordable apartment in Dubai is a tough hustle as there’re so many things you need to take into consideration. It’s not just an apartment but a whole new lifestyle you’re up to. So for obvious reasons, it’s not just the money that plays a significant role. A journey from house hunting to finalizing the rental and white-walled dead house to a colorful, lively home is going to need a lot of your effort & head.

Besides having a complete list of what you should do in order to hunt a nice apartment, you must also be able to spot things that you shouldn’t do or say with regards to in-space comfort and an interview with the landlord. So let’s dive in;

Never Say, “I hate my Current Landlord.”

Even though you’re a potential source of income as a renter for the landlord, you’ll still be asked for the reason for moving to the new place. In the interview, never say that you hate your former landlord. Even if you have the most genuine reasons to say that, the interviewer – the landlord – isn’t going to believe if just because you’re saying it.

According to the industry experts, the applicant is perceived as high-maintenance if he has a bad attitude about his current landlord even for legitimate reasons. Therefore, it’s recommended to say things like, “I need more space” or “I want to live closer to my workplace.”

Don’t Buy All the Furniture at Once

Since you’re moving from one rental apartment to another, you must be having at least some hand me down pieces of furniture like a sofa or dining table etc. But still, you’ll be short of things like coffee table, comfortable seating, bed and even side table. For obvious reasons, you’d want to fill up space as quickly as possible after shifting-in. But rushing to buy a lot of furniture can be an expensive mistake. So beware of that.

Instead, just make a list of the major items you need and buy them all in order of importance. In case you really need a sofa then buy one, and please don’t waste money on the coffee & side table, chairs, etc. at the same time. Make sure you spend some time checking out the right pieces and make the smart purchases according to your budget. Precisely, it’s better to shift-in without these things for a while than rush into things that could end up being a big mistake.

Don’t Settle for the Generic

For those of you heading on for the first rental apartment, it can be really challenging for you to put your own stamp on it. Many rental apartments have restrictions with regards to the changes that can be made. Perhaps that’s the reason why most of the tenant is not able to decorate the space they would want. But thankfully, there’re still many things you can do to make the rental apartment your own to feel more at home.

If possible, try switching out the current window treatment, light fixtures and hardware, rug or carpet over the existing floor. To make space look more beautiful, you can also decorate it using the removable wallpaper that obviously won’t leave marks. If your landlord doesn’t have any issues, you can also go for painting walls, trims and doors.

Mostly, the landlord won’t any objection on you making changes to space as long as you agree on changing things back while vacating the space at the end of your lease. Just because you’re a renter, there’s no need to live in a generic apartment having no choice of personalization. Even for a year or few, you need to live here. So make sure you go for initiatives to turn the space into home whenever you head on for the apartments for rent in Bur Dubai.


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