11 Best Places to Visit in Kerala

Kerala is filled with some awesome tourist destinations and is aptly a ‘Gods own country’, a place of absolute bliss for holiday in India. The place where there are coconut trees, backwaters, untamed life, the rich social legacy and custom has enhanced Kerala with great intensity. It has been one of the must-visit ends in India.

Alleppey Backwater

The place is well known for the backwater trips on the households, thus always holding the first position when tourists check out the plan to visit Kerala. Alleppey is portrayed as one of the destinations known as Venice of the East. The attractive scenes of the paddy fields below the water levels, fishing, netting, ducks swimming on the water and the beautiful water lilies will mesmerize you intensely.


The enchanting beauty of Munnar, a hilly station of Kerala is one of the beautiful places. Located at the hilltop this place experiences the cold and breezy climate that offers a sensational feeling, with the compact spray surrounding you in the core of the organic tea farms. It has a lot of waterfalls also with hiking routes and trekking facilities, thus your trip can be amazing and adventurous on the unique hill of old colonial mountain top, Munnar.


The exotic scenery of the rare flora and fauna of the Kumarakom, near the Vembanad Lake, Kerala is like the heaven’s fall on earth. The place has the adventurous outlook of sailing, fishing, touring and boat cruising. The sideways of the canals decorated with groups of coconut trees, and water lilies deepen the beauty en bloc. The island look of the Kumarakom in Kerala has a soothing climate, embraces the breath-taking feel of watching the colourful birds flying in the sky, and the green lush meadows enhance nature extensively.


You must be willing to unfold the deeper sides of green Kerala, thus you must visit Wayanad, an irrelevant place to call it the Green-Paradise of India. The soothing, peaceful and fair blend of nature’s beauty personifies the beauty of Kerala, mostly during the summer. The place is rich in tribal heritage and abundance of agriculture- acts as the most attractive element for the tourists. Wayanad has many exotic locations in and around the area like Edakkal caves, Lakkidi, Banasura Sagar dam, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Tusharagiri Waterfalls, Kalpetta, and Sentinel Rockfalls. You can enjoy trekking in Wayanad preferably in the months of August and July.


A place without the beauty of the wildlife is incomplete; Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady preserves the various attractive species to admire.  The dark beautiful forest is located near to the banks of Periyar. If you are willing to have some memorable adventure you can take the path from Moozhiya to Thekkadi via Gavi spinning throughout the thickest woods of Kerala. While boating, you will enjoy the most common sight of elephants that enriches the sight-seeing.


An astounding shoreline with high precipices in Kerala is the most appealing spot. The seaside is quite famous among populaces from other countries as its journey and enjoyment with many stimulating activities such as sunbathing, boat riding, surfing and ayurvedic massages. The extensive unique seaside places, and astounding resorts with garden-fresh air attract the visitors to Varkala. The seaside is elongated and divided into two. The northern end is for sun worshipers & the south-east end is for Hindu lovers. The tourist visiting the attractions includes attractions like Varkala Beach, Janardhana Temple, Sivagiri Mutt and Kappil Lake.


The crescent-shaped beach of Kovalam, Kerala, has a lighthouse on its southern side and offers an outstanding view of the metropolitan, especially the moon-shaped beach and the Vizhinjam mosque. Kovalam is derived from coconut trees and is 16 kilometres away from Trivandrum. The mild home offers an overwhelming view of the moon-shaped beach. To the northern of Kovalam is situated the Samudra beach and Hawah beach is in the middle of Kovalam. The rocky formations blend with the tranquil blue bay to crack the bay into an elite aquarelle in the moonlit dusk. You will be awestruck by its glow and serenity.


In Kerala, Bekal is located in the Kasargod area, with lots of exquisiteness engraved all over it. The Bekal Fort near the Arabian Sea is certainly one of the most noteworthy tourist attractions. Bekal Fort is the unsurpassed preserve and the largest among all of its kind. This giant aperture shape fort with the superiority of the sea adjoining it, the greenery sight from the top and the cool gentle wind sets a bizarre feel. The Anjaneya temple positioned at its ingress is an additional charm of the Fort.


52 miles away from Palakkad, located the best hill station in India Nelliampathy. The chain of evergreen jungles, lemon, tea, java and cardamom farms rich with overwhelming valleys and misty mountains makes Nelliampathy a charming place to stopover. In the monsoon season, the beauty of peacock dances adds extra charm to the place. The enriching environment and nature’s miracle expand the whole happenstance. Nelliampathy, known as ‘Poor man’s Ooty’ is widely held for the hiking paths and escapade experiences. Take a drive from side to side all over Nelliampathy to explore the hidden beauty of it.


Kozhikode known as Calicut is famous for its antique, social, edifying and culinary excellence. It has the most attractive food which magnetizes the tourists towards itself. Some mouth-watering delicacies such as Dum Biryani, Kalummakaya and Chatti pathiri, and the yummiest halwa varieties are loved by the inhabitants and the travellers.


Marari beach is situated 2 kilometres from the famous Alleppey, so it’s very easy to combine the backwater cruise with the beach stay and see the sight-seeing from the finest sights of Kerala. The place has a fewer crowds, with an open beach with a series of coconut trees on one side and fresh water on the other, the lushes of blues and green mixes so intensely that you will drown in the beauty of nature. The endless golden sand adds an extra charm to the whole environment.

Visit Kerala the trekker’s delight, for enjoying the finest beauty of nature. The places of Kerala are mesmerizing and leave a mark on your mind- a trip to cherish all the time.


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