10 Useful Tips in Taking Care of the Elders the Caregiver Way

Professional caregiver or not, caring for the elderly is a real challenge and as much as you want to offer them a comfortable and secure life there will always be that anxious thought if it was enough. That is why most states have caregiver services such as Illinois that devote their lives in providing the best care they can for the elderly. You don’t have to be a professional to care for the elderly and here are some tips on how:

  1. Make room at home

You want your home to be free from unnecessary objects and furniture that will just give the elderly a hard time to move around. You want to keep obstructions away from their walking path to also encourage them to move around the house and not just stay in one room all day long.

  1. Ease movement

Besides clearing their path from clutter, installing guides such as grab bars around certain areas of the house such as the toilets will allow support in movement and prevent accidents from happening. Carpets with anti-skid trips will give them more comfort in moving around the house and prevent slips.

  1. Minimize Hazards

Minimizing hazards means minimizing the situations when accidents happen. You can do this first by having the elderly’s room on the ground floor to minimize the use of stairs. Having well-lit hallways and night lights around will improve their line of sight.

Exercise for elderly parents

  1. Exercise

A regular exercise routine for the elderly will make sure that their immune system sty strong to keep them away from sickness and diseases. Depending on their age exercise could vary and span from a full 18 holes of golf to an early morning walk or jog. As long as you keep them active on a daily basis it will really help in their overall stamina and energy.

  1. Socialize

Retirement can get stale especially if they are locked up in the house all day. Finding friends their age, someone to share stories with, will help in keeping them active daily. This may also be a door to new activities and hobbies that they can occupy themselves with.

Keep track of medication for elderly parents

  1. Keep track of medication

Medication at this age will definitely be difficult to avoid, depending on the condition they have of course. Usually though medication and its intake is quite strict at this age so taking note of the medication they are taking, when they should take it, and how much is crucial.

  1. Open communication channels

This could be as simple as telephone or if they are more tech savvy a smart phone will keep you connected to them. This is in case they need anything, if you need to find them or they should be reminded of something like medicine. Mainly this is so that you are just a dial away for any emergencies.

  1. Financing

Keeping track of the flow of finances may sometimes slip from the minds when retired. Assisting them in breaking down expenses and how to manage the money they have is a good conversation to have. Having a plan means being prepared for when surprise circumstances occur.

  1. Health & nutrition

Aside from exercise diet is also an essential factor in keeping the body running smoothly even at an older age. Making sure to watch what they are eating and that every meal contains the proper amount of nutrition they need.

Keep them company elderly parents

  1. Keep them company

Time is still one of the most important things that you can give the elderly. Showing them their importance in your life and how involved they are in the decisions you make will surely put a smile on their face and feel the love that they deserve.

Caring for the elderly is not an easy job, It will take a lot of your time, effort and strength to truly be there for them. Caring doesn’t mean just fulfilling their physical needs, but making sure that their emotional and mental needs. It is a commitment to a lifestyle that is not convenient but definitely fulfilling.

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