All you need to know about Bhandardara Fireflies Festival

Bhandardara is a beautiful hill station to visit if you are planning for a weekend

getaway. It is a village that is situated in Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra. Located

about 185 kilometers from Mumbai and Pune, the hill station has many things to



The major tourist attractions here are Randha falls and Bhandardara Lake. Many

people come here for trekking as Bhandardara forms the base point. The best time to

visit this place is during monsoon when fog and waterfalls are all around the area.

You will get to experience the beauty of waterfalls, greenery, refreshing air and


Apart from waterfalls and greenery not many people are aware that this place is also

known for ‘Fireflies Festival & Camping’ (Kajwa Mahotsav).

After visiting the waterfalls and lakes in the day, the night will show you the most

amazing creations of the nature. With the arrival of first monsoon showers, the

fireflies radiate fluorescent green light from their body which is a treat for the eyes.

Before the rains their number increases in millions. The number is highest by the 2 nd

week of June.


When hundreds of fireflies exude light together you will feel to be standing among

millions of stars. These fireflies can be seen in the forests settled mostly on trees that

are fruit-bearing. The trees such as mango, hirda, behda, java plum and country fig

are few on which fireflies reside.

You might be quite excited to witness the nature’s illuminations. However,

excitement might kill the buzz. So there are a few things that you should consider

before going for the festival. It is possible that you might not get to see the flock of

fireflies at once. Have patience, give some time and get accustomed with the

ambience. The fireflies cannot be seen in one go, you need to settle down and observe

any fruit-bearing tree for few minutes to be able to figure them out.


Many people often stroll from one spot to another spot observing many trees after

which they complain that they were unable to spot the fireflies. It doesn’t work this

way. If you want a proper sight then it will take time. It is also suggested that one

should turn off the lights of the vehicle as soon as you reach the destination. It is

important for the visitor to get used to the darkness. It is recommended not to enter

the forest area as it might be unsafe as many animals are active in the deep forest

during night.


The mating dance of the fireflies is for a limited period of time. There are a lot of

Fireflies Festival & Camping organizers who arrange special trips where you can be

the spectator of the mesmerising phenomenon. The festival has attracted the attention

of musicians, artistes and poets, who wish to correlate the phenomenon with their

creative work.

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