Best Universities in Singapore

If you’re a person that finds their place of residence boring or sub-par, then maybe it’s time for you to look for a new place to stay in where the city lives up to your expectations. There are numerous cities all around the globe where you can find the happiness and self-fulfillment your current place can’t give you. One such place is in the heart of Southeast Asia, particularly, Singapore. A city that never stops progressing, a center for innovation and discipline, people here are fast-paced, diligent, and knows when to have fun. The city is filled with places to visit, restaurants to eat in, and parks that can help you release the stress you’re feeling. Although Singapore is well-known tourist destination or business district do not worry about shortages of living accommodations because there are a lot of rooms for rent in Singapore.

 One thing is for sure; Singapore’s educational institutions are world-class and can compete with other international universities. Some of Singapore’s universities are even in the top rankings of universities in Asia. Here’s a list of some of them:


  1. National University of Singapore

 Singapore’s leading university, the National University of Singapore, otherwise known as N.U.S. One of the highest ranking universities in Asia, this institution prides itself in approaching education and research through a global approach but still focuses on Asian perspectives and it also trains its students to be adepts in whatever path they may take. This university is widely known for its expertise civil and structural engineering. But is also one of the top universities offering natural sciences courses.


#2. Nanyang Technological University

 A university second only to N.U.S. Known for its sheer size and the beauty it exudes, this is a university that greatly cares for its structural integrity and appearance. Best known for their engineering and technology courses, it boasts its faculty as one of the top ranked in several aspects of engineering. It recently opened its college of medicine in collaboration with the UK’s Imperial College London. If you’re looking for an institution that greatly puts importance on technical skills, then maybe this is the place for you.


#3. Singapore Management University

 If you’re the type of person that looks for specialized subjects to take in school, then maybe you should give S.M.U a try. They are specially known for their offering of specialized range of subjects. This university also is one of the leaders in the fields of accounting and finance, computer science, economics, law, and statistics. It also ranks in the top 100 of accounting, finance, business, and management universities in the world.


#4. Yale-NUS College

 The very first liberal arts college in Singapore. This university is the result of the collaboration between National University Singapore and US’ Yale University. This university is an example of Singapore’s efforts one innovating and establishing connections all around the world. This gives prospective students a wide variety of new courses or classes that they can choose from.


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